If you have found yourself here, welcome.

I suppose it may have been the new year that spurred the idea to start writing this, though it has been a thought of mine for some time to have my space to share recipes and ideas.

Last year brought with it some new changes, one of these being a move from Minneapolis, Minnesota to San Jose, California. Though life here is nice, I do find myself missing Minnesota (I especially miss the cold winters, which people think I’m weird for). Despite this, the adventure here so far has been wonderful.

Since moving we got a puppy, both started new jobs, and have discovered new friends and activities in the area. Of course one of my favorite activities has always been cooking and baking, so there will be a lot of that in my little corner of the internet.

Anyway, I won’t drag this out. Thanks for reading! 🙂

View of the Golden Gate Bridge during a bike ride along the bay.
Luna, shortly after taking her home.

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