Stranger Than Fiction

I realize this is odd to say, but I have never read a book by Chuck Palahniuk. Now, I am aware of the well-known writing he has produced (Fight Club and Choke are wildly popular), I’ve just never gotten around to reading any of it. Perhaps these stories just didn’t entice me the same way other books have, or maybe it was pushed down the priority list of reading.

Then I was in a bookstore, perusing any and everything, and I came across Stranger Than Fiction. Instead of a bizarre plot, it is bizarre stories and I ate them up like a ravenous teenager. The essays are non-fiction and vary quite a bit regarding topics. The commonality? They are all strange.

Now, ahead there are some mild spoilers.

My favorite had to be Confessions in Stone, which chronicled three different American men who were building modern-day castles. It was funny and quirky, but also just odd enough to keep turning the pages.

While some of the stories were a bit raunchy, such as Testy Festy (the opening essay that describes a testical festival near Missoula, Montana), the book is overall worth the read.

Since the subject matter is so strange and humorous, it is a great book to pick up after work or before bed because it isn’t heavy or frightening. For myself, I am now quite excited to read another book by Palahniuk!

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