I’ve been reading a new book! I went to a really cool local bookstore and found the book Beartown by the author Frederik Backman. I was immediately excited because I read A Man Called Ove by the same author, which I really liked (and highly recommend, though it is a tearjerker).

Beartown has not disappointed! The novel takes place in a small Swedish town that is centered around the local hockey team. The story follows the general manager of the hockey team, his family, the players, and the local residents. Beartown has seen more people and jobs leave, forgotten by the rest of the country.

The book begins with a semblance of hope, but it is cast with a dark shadow. As Beartown pins their dreams to the local hockey team, the lives of those involved are picked apart, good and bad.

I have found the thing I like most about Backman’s writing is that he manages to delve into the emotions of his characters in an almost matter-of-fact way. I don’t know why i enjoy this quality so much, but it seems to strike an emotional chord in me.

I won’t spoil the plot line for you, but I enthusiastically recommend this book and think it is at least as remarkable and expressive as A Man Called Ove, perhaps even more.

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